Tuesday 14 July 2015

Glaucoma: Frequently asked Questions!

    Patient Teaching Module   # 1

Common queries of Glaucoma Patients!

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is an eye problem caused due to weakness/damage of the nerve of the eye ball. It is commonly caused by increased pressure in the eyeball.

What causes Glaucoma?
There is no definite answer available. It may be related with genetic or environmental factors and various unknown factors.

None of my parents have Glaucoma. Can I still be affected?

What are other risk factors for Glaucoma?
 a.       Most important risk factor for Glaucoma is AGE. Chances of glaucoma increases with advancing  age ( after 40 yrs)
 b.      Family history of glaucoma – Parents and siblings
 c.       Myopia
 d.      Diabetes
 e.       Other factors like smoking, alcohol consumption  etc may cause faster glaucoma progression.

I am 24 yrs old. Can I still get glaucoma?
Yes! Glaucoma can occur in any age group – starting from new born babies, to young college students to adults.

How will I know if I have Glaucoma?

In the early stage, Glaucoma can be detected only by a careful eye examination by an eye specialist. By the time patient develops vision related problems due to glaucoma – Glaucoma is already in advance stage. As patients are not aware of its presence for a long time, Glaucoma is also described as “Silent thief of Eye Sight”

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  1. My sister,aged 67,having cancer for 10yrs,asthama for 50yrs also a patient of glaucoma for 1.5 yr. Though she has been under treatment of glaucoma the deterioration continues reveals from last 2 peremetry test. Is it be checked from further damage of eye?