Sunday 9 August 2015

Cataract Information Module

Patient Information Module #2: Cataract

1.       What is Cataract?

       Cataract is an age related change in the eye in which clear lens inside the eye becomes hazy.

2.       What causes Cataract?

It is an age related change. In some cases it may be seen in newborns, in patients following injury, or rarely following medicine misuse or may be associated with other eye disorders.

3.       Does it happen to everyone?

Yes. But in some people the cataract may not advance to a stage that needs intervention. Just like most age related issues – cataract might be determined by individual genetic makeup.

4.       At what age cataract develops?
      The changes of cataract start developing after 40 yrs of age in most Indians. People develop difficulty in vision by the age of 60 yrs. Needless to mention that the exact age is highly variable.

5.       My friend aged 26 can’t see without glasses – Is it due to cataract?

Most vision related issues in young people is not due to cataract. They may be corrected with glasses.

6.       How can I be sure that I don’t have cataract?
       It can be done by a routine eye examination by any eye specialist.

7.       Is surgery the only option for cataract removal?

 In early stage surgery is not required. Patients can manage with glasses.  But once vision is blurred even with use of glasses – surgery remains the only option.

8.       What are the latest surgical options for cataract surgery?

The current standard technique for cataract surgery is by phaco technique. In special situations eye specialist may decide to do surgery by manual technique also.

Details on surgical methods in next module....

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