Monday 31 August 2015

Cataract Information Module

Patient information Module #3

1. What is the advantage of the new Phaco technique over older cataract surgery techniques?

Phaco technique of cataract surgery when combined with the use of foldable intraocular lens – needs a small cut of less than 2mm for doing the surgery (Denoted by red line in Image 1). This is in sharp contrast to the older manual techniques of cataract surgery which needs a cut of 6-8mm to complete the surgery (Denoted by red line in Image 2).
Due to small cut for surgery – the recovery time is considerably reduced, pain is less and patients are back to business within a shorter period of time.

2. Are all cases of cataract operated by phaco technique?

Presently with improved technology – most of the cataract removal surgery is done by phaco technique. But in some cases surgeons may resort to manual technique of surgery.

3. Is there any difference in visual improvement between the two techniques?

Practically there is no difference in visual recovery in surgery by either technique. But pain is less and visual recovery is faster with phaco technique.

4. Can the cataract surgery be done without “injection”?

Yes, most of present day cataract surgery presently is done without “injection”, using “eye drops” to minimize pain and discomfort during surgery.

5. Can glaucoma surgery be combined with cataract surgery?

Yes. When required, eye surgeon can combine both the surgeries in a single sitting. It reduces need for 2 separate operations and the patient gets rid of his glaucoma eye drops. (But need and justification for glaucoma surgery has to be decided by the treating doctor)

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