Sunday 4 October 2015

Glaucoma Information Module

Glaucoma Pain and Gain

1. How painful is the medical examination for glaucoma?

The medical examination for glaucoma is almost a painless experience. Few examinations and tests for glaucoma requires instruments to come close to the eyes. It may be a little  uncomfortable for a new patient but the procedure is painless.

2. How much time it may take to undergo a complete glaucoma evaluation?

Glaucoma examination involves a short patient evaluation (undilated  eye), followed by instillation of eye drop and detail eye examination (dilated eye examination). The procedure may take about 1 to 2 hrs. In case the glaucoma specialist orders for certain tests – it may need some more time.

3. I lost focus while doing perimeter test. How much does that matter?

Perimeter instrument is programed to take care of blinking movement of eye. Few instances of fixation loss or loss of attention may be taken care of. But repeated error may need the tests to be repeated.

4. My first test was rejected by the doctor. Will I perform better on a regular test?

Many patients may not perform well at first go. The performance is better on repeat test.

5. I can’t perform perimeter test. Is there any alternative test?

Yes, there are alternative tests for glaucoma detection. Some of them are fully automated tests and require only a few seconds to finish the test. However, perimeter remains the primary test for glaucoma detection and follow up.

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